General Information About DeWitt's "Epicurus And His Philosophy"

  • pasted-from-clipboard.pngPlease consider joining us for online live discussion of Norman DeWitt's "Epicurus And His Philosophy" - All of our sessions are informal discussions for those who are interested in learning more about Epicurean philosophy - no expertise required!

    A discussion outline for each session will be posted here in the EpicureanFriends forum

    For links to the discord group go directly here:

    Or follow this easier to remember link:

    Start time is subject to change depending on who can attend and conflicts with other events. An announcement for the next meeting will be found in the Announcement Box at the top of the Forum home page and Dashboard. For the latest discussion of time and date and other details, please go to the thread for the particular chapter: Discussion Plan For Norman DeWitt's "Epicurus And His Philosophy"

    Our current dates and time are set to allow maximum participation both in the USA and in Europe. All scheduling is open to revision depending on participants, and once we complete one cycle through the book we expect to do this on a regular basis, and we can set dates and times accordingly.

    Thanks for your participation!

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