The Process of Pulling Out Of Facebook

  • I'll be interested in what kind of response your post gets. It's no secret that I left FB last fall, although I opened a pseudonym account there to help out some friends with their marketing. I am questioning even that at the moment. Friendship vs. online privacy. Such a crappy choice!

  • I see no real reason to delete my facebook account at this time, especially since facebook has made it an open secret that they never delete anything permanently in my jurisdiction, but my desire to revisit it has reduced to near imperceptible levels. I am less concerned about their profiling of me than I am the psychological manipulation leveraged against its users. I have seen their profile on me, they do not know me well at all but that doesn't stop them from trying to manipulate me into something I'm not. I have seen an effect on my outlook and general well-being since avoiding it and I am pleased with the result. It's very similar to the feeling of freedom that I experienced when I turned off the television for the last time.

    The calculus is clear to me, facebook isn't helping me accomplish my goals. While I haven't been nearly as active here as I was on the discussion groups, I am glad for the forum and hope to participate more in the future as time and inclination allows.

    Peace and safety, friends!

  • This post served as a final impetus for me. I deleted my facebook account this morning (my wife did as well). I did not really visit my account very often, but on the occasions that I did I would get annoyed at old friends about their political views. I feel a little more free.

  • Wow, that's great KDF! I am moving fast in that direction myself, but I have invested so much time in the Epicurean group I am just trying to figure out the best way to proceed before going cold turkey. It should be fairly easy to occasionally post things there as "advertising" for this group - otherwise I post and read nothing on FB anymore.

  • hi all,

    I permanently deleted my facebook account 3 weeks ago (NO deactivating does NOT delete your account. You have to search for the actual delete won't find it advertised) and it's the best thing I've done.

    I've been tempted to do it for a long time as I see zero value to it. I finally did it, although I decided to do it prior to the cambridge analytica stuff. That validated my decision. As did revelations of fb harvesting calls and texts. No thanks.


  • I am going to do that eventually once I make a final evaluation of whether I can restrict its use to "advertising." Lot's of people here I probably never would have "met" except for Facebook's groups feature, but that period is coming to a close.

  • Speaking of friends we never would have met if it weren't for facebook, has anyone heard from Elli? I logged into facebook today and the only posts on her personal page since she went quiet are out of character for her. I fear her profile has been hacked.