De Lacy - Limit and Variation in Epicurean Philosophy

  • This is the thread to discuss Phillip De Lacy's Article "Limit and Variation in Epicurean Philosophy" -

    In the Facebook group Ross Ragsdale recently asked for articles on "free will," and in looking to see what I could find I came across a good article on "Limits" in Epicurean philosophy. Limits is an issue that would apply to free will ("what is the limit of free will?), but also goes much deeper into the roots of Epicurean canonics. As a foundational issue it applies (I contend) with equal or greater importance to the meaning of "absence of pain." Recall that PD3 begins "The limit of quantity in pleasures is the removal of all that is painful." Here is Phillip DeLacy providing important references on "limits," including Polystratus referring to "the life of freedom."