Atlantic Article: There are two kinds of happy people

  • I'm out of free articles this month, but I'll get to look in a couple of days! The part I can see looks silly, that we need a "balance" between virtue and pleasure 😂😂😂. David Brooks isn't enjoying his virtues, I guess. I have to wonder about people like that. Are they sitting around thinking that they'd rather be robbing and murdering us, if it weren't for the dang virtues? 😂 Are they only friendly acting because they think they are supposed to be, but secretly they hate being with us? What is up with that?!

  • Quote

    (Seneca’s Letters – Book II – Letter LXXXV)

    Epicurus also decides that one who possesses virtue is happy, but that virtue of itself is not sufficient for the happy life, because the pleasure that results from virtue, and not virtue itself, makes one happy.

    It's not a matter of balance. "Virtues" are instrumental.


    Fragment 70. Beauty and virtue and such are worthy of honor, if they bring joy; but if not then bid them farewell!

  • David Brooks isn't enjoying his virtues, I guess

    I'm familiar with David Brooks so I clicked over to the article -- but unless I misread it the author is ARTHUR Brooks -- don't think I know anything about him. If my memory of David Brooks is correct I would definitely put him in the Stoic camp. ;)