Yahweh or Zeus? by John Heath

  • https://bibleinterp.arizona.ed…estern-culture-went-wrong

    I was thinking about Epicurus' notable appreciation for the Iliad, and his ability to argue his case using the favorite work of his opponents, when I found this article.

    The author argues that the amoral and oversexed Pantheon of the pagans was actually preferable to the founding myth of Christianity, where a sexless Yahweh begat an abstinent Jesus by a virginal Mary.

    "They fuck you up, your mum and dad", said the English poet Philip Larkin. But that fucking-up started a very long time ago. If we cannot hope for a mass outbreak of Epicurean philosophy, a return to paganism would still be a step back toward sanity from the really wrong path we're on.

  • Excellent article, I've never given much thought to this subject. Though not the intent of the article it also effectively illuminates the counterpoint to the Epicurean gods.