Note to New Members - Signups Here At The Forum - Tightening the Posting Rules

  • In the last couple of weeks we have been receiving a series of signups using names that seem clearly intended to be nonsensical. First we had a series of names based on antivirus products, then today someone uses "skinhairproblem." I think these are probably bots / or some other kind of spam, and any that fit that pattern are going to be deleted. In general, it's time to tighten up the signup and posting rules, so we'll be looking at that in the coming days and weeks. If you are a real person and really want to subscribe to the forum, please make that clear by posting in this Welcome New Members section shortly after you arrive. As everyone knows from the banner at the top of the home page, "All are welcome to read and ask questions, but only firm friends of Epicurean Philosophy in accord with our Not Neo-Epicurean, But Epicurean statement and our Posting Policy statement are granted full posting privileges, so here you will find a truly supportive community of Epicurean Friends."

    We've now been existence long enough that it's time to start applying that rule more carefully.