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  • Yes. Nothing is pleasurable in bothering myself whether or not god exists. It's enough I have figured out my take in this issue, and I move on to something more positive.

    hey Mike Anyayahan --- I read about the volcano in the Philippines. I hope you're safe!

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  • We've covered almost every topic we've ever thought of in the thread devoted to the SofE 20 Tenets, but the Volcano in the Philippines is probably distinct enough to branch it off into a new thread. I wish I could move this into the Welcome Mike Anyayahan thread, but i don't think I can. Let's use this thread instead.

    Yes Mike, let us know how you are doing and if you are affected!

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  • Cassius and Hiram Thanks for your kind concern. My family and I are safe. Our place is not in the affected areas, but the areas that are affected especially the places I used to live are now covered with ash fall and mud. Some of them are like ghost towns now. It makes me imagine how the old kingdoms in the desert world were wiped out by sands and mud. Some places are already deserted. Many people are now in various evacuation areas. They left their dogs and other domesticated animals, vehicles, and so on, yet the condition in the evacuation areas is also bad. I can't imagine how families with young children cope up. We're fortunate we live south of Luzon.

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