VS 23 - Epicurus Reader Version

  • These are notes that Elli added in a discussion of Michele Pinto's article on Friendship:

    I have only one observation to add that I think is important. The ES XXIII.(23) has not been translated correctly in english. Words as "need" and "help" do not exist in the ancient greek text which says : "Πᾶσα φιλία δι ἑαυτὴν αἱρετὴ ἀρχὴν δὲ εἴληφεν ἀπὸ τῆς ὠφελείας".

    Every friendship is to be chosen for its own sake, but has taken its starting point from the benefit.

    And why Epicurus says that ? Because in this phrase "is chosen for its own sake" some would say that this sounds idealistic, but Epicurus brings friendship, in reality, saying that its first principle and its basis is the common benefit. And that means that there are persons/friends that measure within the common experiences their choices and their avoidance on whatever is pleasant/benefit and whatever is painful/harmful for them.

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