Statues of Epicurus and the Founders of the Epicurean School

  • Statues of Epicurus are known to exist, and at least one statue of Hermarchus as well.

    One of the best sources to start in researching this is Bernard Frischer's "The Sculpted Word."

    There is also an extensive selection of plaster copies of status of Epicurus and Hermarchus in the Archaelogical Museum in Gottingen Germany.

    Important information about reconstructing the statues to original form is here:

    A video reconstruction (which does not appear to have the hand outstretched correctly) is here.

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Statues and Busts of Epicurus and the Founders of the Epicurean School” to “Statues of Epicurus and the Founders of the Epicurean School”.

    I visited this place five years ago. It's a small but fine museum. You can buy copies of busts of Epicurus and Hermarchus online or at the museum's shop. They are cheap and of a good quality. Ironically, these busts itself are not shown in the museum (but are made from casts of the originals they have in their depot). But they show a original Roman statue, itself a Roman reproduction of a Greek bust of Metrodorus. It was amazing to have a look on a statue, Roman Epicureans had a look on!

  • WOW that is a great find thank you!

    Do i read that correctly as 20 Euros or 200 Euros?

    Is that about 8 inches tall? that is a very respectable size!!

    Do you see an online order page?

    Martin do you see the best way to order? I do not have a hermarchus and would definitely like one of both.

    I wonder if a place like this will be where we can eventually find a copy of the leaping pig!?

    Also, i should mention that I had the opportunity to go to the museum at Gottingen several years ago and they have a similar or even more extensive collection, with large life-size copies of seated statues of Epicurus and Hermarchus, but I do not think they sold replicas.

  • Martin had trouble posting this so I am posting for him:

    20 Euros for a white gypsum copy of a gypsum copy is correct. Cost for packaging and shipping will increase the total cost. About 8 inches tall is correct, too.

    You can use the form at

    or better send an e-mail to: klarch[at]

    I guess that e-mal address should be:

    The collection of gypsum copies in Leipzig used to be one of the largest but war damage and subsequent damage from moving around and storage conditions has greatly reduced and damaged the copies.

    The available copies of their copies are apparently all listed at:

    The leaping pig is not among them.

    In the remaining 4 weeks in Germany, I will not travel beyond the area around Cologne.

    Next year, i might fit in trips to Goettingen and Wuerzburg

  • Philos thank you for reminding me of this it totally slipped my mind. I have not tried. Have you (or anyone who sees this thread) ordered from these links?

  • Please do Philos. My wife speaks German and I have been meaning to get her help on this but if you go first I will let you do the first test. The price and size makes it sound like a very good value.

    I currently have a bust of Epicurus that seems to be made of similar material that I got off eBay years ago, and now I am wondering if mine originally came from there.