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    Thanks Cassius, I think you've provided some interesting insight.

    I particularly liked what you said about:


    I see Epicurus as an ACTIVIST, as a scientific researcher and "crusader" for more pleasure and less pain, and not as the kind of stoic-like personality who is concerned primarily with controlling reactions to things that we resign ourselves to be out of our control.

    I hadn't considered this perspective and I think it is really interesting.

    I also had not thought that this article was reflective of the viewpoint of what Eoghan was posting against rather than for. So for me I have some useful angles to further explore.


    Apologies, that was auto-correct on my phone I meant Etsy. (I've edited the post above to reflect that).

    Its quite an interesting consortium of small scale craft makers.

    I haven't got much knowledge on 3D printers but from what you write it sounds like it could be a great idea.

    Thanks, as per a previous post I'm keen on pendants and rings with Epicurean imagery and found this. I didn't buy it but liked the design and so will consider about getting one made via Etsy when things return to a normal.

    This pendent comes from…icurus-pendant-1-5-inches

    You can see the reverse side via the link.

    FYI, I have never bought or used this shop so can't recommend it.

    Also, I have a Samsung venu smart watch and have customised the face with an Epicurean logo so that's a really great constant reminder moreso then my mobile device.

    I looked up Martin Ferguson Smith whos scholarly work on Lucretius is very good.

    He has an interesting website with a great article on Epicureanism and Covid-19 which is very much worth a read.

    He has an interesting link to a really nice video on Diogenes of Oinoanda. Apologies if you have seen it before or if its already been posted. (I couldn't locate a thread on it).

    The film is called A Gigantic Jigsaw Puzzle: The Epicurean Inscription of Diogenes of Oinoanda.

    That's a fascinating video Don. Whilst slightly away from the Octups topic it reminded me of an interview about Dr Paul Brand. It should be noted he was a Christian but firstly he was a Doctor who spent his life researching pain, particularly those with Leprosy. There's a great interview on him in LA Times from years ago but his thoughts and views on pain are really interesting in how they align with his beliefs but also how i think that they too transcend Epicurean thought.

    In the article he mentions briefly about how a Scientist alters a Dog's perception of pain and he notes how Humans can adjust their views on pain too.

    Thanks Godfrey, just read that thread and some really useful thoughts. Thank you for pointing this out.

    I also found your suggestion about the atomic universe and its implications to be pretty interesting. Be keen to here more about that.

    I am trying to find innovative ways of teaching my 4 year old elements of Epicureanism as i figured if you teach it you can master it. (Which can only be a great thing for me). :).

    This weekend I had a good opportunity to teach my 4 year old a little bit about 'what is terrible is easy to endure'. To which I think ill have lots of lesson plans here!!

    I've done a bit of searching on William Bligh today. I haven't been able to establish any links to Epicurus or that of any earlier naval people e.g. Captain Cook, Sir Joseph Banks, Macquarie.

    I was thinking if you'd have gone to the trouble of having a bespoke ring made of Epicurus (back then) you'd have documented his thinking in some of the writings or other aspects of his life.

    A couple of months ago i went to the Maritime Museum in Australia and one of their displays was on William Bligh (1754-1817) he was an English naval Captain and a colonial governor of New South Wales, Australia. He was well known for his involvement in the mutiny on H.M.S Bounty.

    As I strolled through, I came across the following ring and as I took a closer look realised what it was. Thought it might be of interest..

    Yes, that's right. I believe it comes from Lucretius, The Nature of things, Book III, 830-869.

    I used the website, Etsy, which is a collobartive platform that brings independent creators together so you can literally find anything. And you can message the sellers to get things designed how you like.

    The creator/ shop I used was called SuedeSentiment.

    I saw she had customisable scrolls. So I messaged her about what I was hoping to do , as I wanted that quote. And after some conversations she gave me a custom (Reserved listing) and this was all done within a couple of days. ( from start of convo, to around my neck).

    The pendent itself isn't expensive, but it's unique, hand crafted, and ideal for myself. Approx $40AUD in total.

    Coming into Aussie summer it'll be in the Bondi Sea and Sand and such.

    I liked SuedeSentiment as (first time I have purchased from her) but she was helpful, local to Australia and the pendent measure approx 1.375 Inch so not too long.

    If your browse Etsy I'm sure you'll find a creator that can do a design you'd like.

    I like the fact it's a one of a kind, inexpensive momento that carries a cool Epicurean message.

    If you wanted the same, I'm sure she could craft one again.

    I read a post on New Epicurean about Epicurean rings and what you'd get inscribed on Epicurean momentos. As well as this thread, so I've recently got this pendent made. I wanted this in Latin:

    Nil igitur mors est ad nos neque pertinet hilum

    I had it made in the shape of a scroll and like the fact that it's a cool Epicurean reminder for me.

    I noticed this morning 3rd May it got released on Audible Australia. The blurb slightly more detailed on Audible.

    So I've downloaded the audio book this morning. Will let you know thoughts.