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    I see! Do you gather that it adds a new "take" on the poem, or largely just another effort over the same ground? I gather that some people (especially those who like poetry) like the idea of tackling it to try to capture the poetic feel. Is that his approach, or is he targeting accuracy of meaning?

    I think boot. The focus is the strong of the Words and the feeling he feels and trys to give back. But if the Lucretius words ghive feelings, they must be about Epicurus theachings.

    Interesting post even if you don't translate it! ;) How do you mean "it is too much Italian?" Too long to translate, or too something else?

    Basically is a new translation of De Rerum Natura in Italian, in the style of a great italian poet. It is hard to reed for me, that I'm italian. And has no sense translate a translation...
    So I imagine that book has not to much interest for who not speaks Italian.

    I promised to translate all my new Italian post on Epicuro.org in English. Today I wrote two new posts, but they are a lot "Italian". So I'll try to resume and explain them here.

    An appeal for philosophy

    I fully share the appeal of Romanae Disputationes to give more importance to the study of philosophy in the Italian school, in particular to introduce it also in the technical study addresses where it is traditionally absent.

    The reason for this request is explained very simply by the poster itself:

    Why philosophy?
    Because it opens the mind of man to free thought
    Because it teaches to ask the right questions and not to give hasty answers

    Because it forces us to give reasons for what we think and what we say Because it moves to look for the meaning of all things in relation to the whole that surrounds them

    Because it forms men capable of exercising criticism Because it reminds us that science and technology are for the good of man

    Because he asks what is justice, good, happiness Because it gives dignity to politics by not reducing it to a technique of consent

    Because he teaches to argue Because he always asks us what we think we know

    Because he always asks us how we know what we know

    Speaking of teaching philosophy I am reminded of what Don Milani's students said in their book "Letter to a teacher". A thought that makes sense of the work I'm doing here on Epicuro.org.

    The philosophers studied in the manual all become hateful. They are too many and have said too many things. Our professor has never lined up. It is not clear if everyone is doing well or if they don't care about anyone.

    I prefer a maniac between an indifferent professor and a maniac. One who has either a thought of his own or a philosopher that suits him. You speak only of that, say evil of others, read it on the original for three years in a row.

    We will sort of school convinced that philosophy can fill a life.

    Scuola di Barbiana - Letter to a professor - 24.3 philosophy

    Here it is. That's exactly how it is, I hope those who happen by chance on this site understand that philosophy can fill a life. The philosophy of Epicurus in particular.

    You can have more info in: http://romanaedisputationes.com/

    And you can learn about Lorenzo Milani here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenzo_Milani

    Epicurus wisdom pills also run on Whatsapp

    Receiving one or two short sentences from Epicurus on your cell phone a week is a way to never stop your search for happiness.

    There is not much left of Epicurus with respect to the volume of volumes he wrote, but what we have available today is precious. His sentences, often very brief, have the ability to illuminate our thinking on a topic. They are simple, it is rare that it is necessary to explain them, but they are never trivial.

    Reading a sentence from Epicurus has the ability to stimulate our thinking, or to put us in a good mood. That's why Epicuro.org offers the "EpicuroDixit" service to receive Epicuro's sentences on Twitter, Telegram and Whatsapp.

    To register for the service on Whatsapp, save the number +1 260 209 0527 and send a Whatsapp message with the word "Epicuro ON".

    The service is completely free.

    For Telegram just click on t.me/epicurodixit

    For Twitter, just follow the @EpicuroOrg account

    Epicurus's sentences are also posted on our Facebook page.

    I'm sure this service will have a great success. And I hope someone will replicate it in English.

    Ciao Michele, questo busto di Epicuro è molto bello, mi piace molto.:)

    Parli italiano? Che bello!

    There are tree busts in that room. In Rome there is one more bust in Musei Vaticani, and, I'm not sure about that, one or two more in Museo Massimo.
    Epicurus is everywhere in Rome.
    Tomorrow I'll post some pictures.

    Dear Italian friend Michelle, there would be the same causes in the phenomena, when History will be repeated like a bad-tasted joke !<X

    Dear Elli,
    Have you ever eared about the Fono's Lisippo? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victorious_Youth)
    Fano is a city in Italy about 25km from my home. They discovered this ancient statue of an athlete made by Lisippo.
    The statue arrived, we do not know exactly how, at Getty Museum.
    Now there is a legal battle, and the city of Fano is going to win it.

    It is what I mean when I say that there is a better sensibility about that. And, unfortunately, not everything is going well.