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    "There are no epicurean wars" ... IMO the wars are not a matter of labeling as epicureans or platoneans. The wars are an issue that is based on the nature of all things.

    Epicurus when he was 18 years old, he went to serve the greek army. His exhortation of "Lathe Viosas" then , it is only because he already saw, knew and lived all the consequences of wars and how painful they are. So, he warned us with his "lathe viosas" to not be provocative of any war and stole the territories of our neighbors with their natural and necessary. But in a situation of a danger, he would advice us to defend our natural and necessary and not living like slaves to anyone. Moreover this is not a situation based on a duty. This is a situation based on a danger and in any situation of a real danger the sentence is formed like this : <<either They or We>> and nothing third.

    I quote here an excerpt by George Kaplanis founding member of the Epicurean Garden of Thessaloniki.

    "Created easily one overwhelming impression that Epicurus was calm, gentle and benevolent, and this is correct, as is confirmed by Diogenes Laertius. However if we assume that the shape of Epicurus comes up “straight in the eyes” and against some tough and dangerous reality, a situation of life or death, then how would we imagine Epicurus?

    Rather awkward and passive? Maybe a little Stoic ??

    I convey only two sentences of Epicurus, and an extract of his letter to Idomeneus, on The Urgent Need for Action (Seneca’s Letters – Book I – Letter XXII)

    It reminded me like we watch in the TV the wildlife documentary:

    "..... You will attempt something only when you can attempt it in appropriate circumstances and in the appropriate opportunity. But when comes the right opportunity, you be ready to grab it....", "When you contemplating the fleeing prohibited to stay empty-handed ... there is a hope for a way out even in the most difficult situations, if not in too great a hurry before your time, nor too dilatory when the time arrives.... "

    This is the psychological structure which allows the survival in harsh conditions. The soul of the warrior as connected with instinct, and the strategic thinking. The Goddess Athena emerges behind Epicurus.

    It is remarkable in the battle at Salamis Aeschylus claims that as the Persians approached (possibly implying that they were not already in the Straits at dawn), they heard the Greeks singing their battle hymn (paean) before they saw the Allied fleet:

    ὦ παῖδες Ἑλλήνων ἴτε

    ἐλευθεροῦτε πατρίδ᾽, ἐλευθεροῦτε δὲ

    παῖδας, γυναῖκας, θεῶν τέ πατρῴων ἕδη,

    θήκας τε προγόνων: νῦν ὑπὲρ πάντων ἀγών.

    O sons of the Greeks, go,

    Liberate your country, liberate

    your children, your women, the seats of your fathers' gods,

    And the tombs of your forebears: now is the struggle for all things.

    Hi Nal, nice to meet you here.

    This was my mistake too. I counted 10 days after the new moon that it started this year 17th of January, but as Diogenis Laertius reports is 7 days after the new moon in the month Gamelion, thus Epicurus birthday - for this year - was yesterday the 23 rd of January.