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    Free speech and I personally value it deeply. So I am ok with the radicals. And as I said, they can be blocked.

    I believe quality posts and information will outlast the haters and as I said it's possible to customize one's presence to an extend. Minds is seen as the top competitor to FB while Gab is the same for Twitter.

    Here is my invitation to Minds: (they have a point system that allows one to boost posts and channels without spending $$. Could be very good for spreading messages)

    Here is my channel on Gab:

    Here is MeWe:

    Thought I'd weight in here as well. I am on Minds and Gab so am getting more familiar with them every day. From what I've seen, they are growing and constantly improving. Another one I'm on is MeWe. It is a very nice platform and is also growing.

    All of these are relatively untapped with regard to an Epicurean presence. The downside is the same as the upside - free speech. To put it mildly, there are a lot of bigoted, mouthy idiots who do little but repost news headlines promoting their politics. However, muting and blocking is easy so with some diligence it is possible to carve out a space on these platforms that reached the right people.

    Let me know if you want links to my channels on these sites. You can sign up and look around at your leisure.