Horace and Epicurean Philosophy; Will They Won't They?

  • In another thread I made a post in which I compared a timeline of the Late Republic with Horace's literary output, and traced the inferred influence of politics on his Epicureanism;

    Since the post is very relevant to this subforum, I am linking to it here.

  • The town mouse and country mouse appears to come down on the side of φιλαγρήσειν "to love the countryside"

    Don: The sage will be fond of the countryside, enjoying being outside the towns and cities. (120)

    Hicks: He will be fond of the country.

    Yonge: He will like being in the country,

    I think it's wonderful that this characteristic is a single word in the original: φιλαγρήσειν "They will love the ἀγρός "fields, land, country as opposed to the town." "

  • I've been wanting to read that Epicurean Ethics in Horace book, but it's checked out of the library and Oxford has listed the book at the price of your first born child.