VS 47 and Aristippan adaptability

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    “Aristippus also instructed his disciples in a zen-like discipline known as “presentism”, or being in the present, as a therapeutic spiritual exercise. This virtuous practice was linked to the philosopher’s adaptability: he was willing to put less faith in his ability to control what happens in the future than in his ability to adapt to it. This would later influence defiant attitudes towards Fortune in Principal Doctrine 16 and Vatican Saying 47.”


    "Aristippus saw the world in terms of opportunities for pleasure and risks of pain" is another insight from the Lampe book. The word "opportunist" has negative connotations today, and also does not incorporate the meaning of "risk avoidance", but adaptability does.


    Vatican Saying 47.”I have anticipated you, Fortune, and entrenched myself against all your secret attacks. And we will not give ourselves up as captives to you or to any other circumstance; but when it is time for us to go, spitting contempt on life and on those who here vainly cling to it, we will leave life crying aloud in a glorious triumph-song that we have lived well."

    "Please always remember my doctrines!" - Epicurus' last words