Feeling and Knowing

  • The Next Big Idea: FEELING & KNOWING: Unlocking the Secrets of Consciousness
    Look up the term “Renaissance man” in the dictionary, and you'll probably find a photo of Antonio Damasio. He is a polyglot, an avid reader of fiction, a…

    Just started listening to this, but it's quite interesting so far. I'll be interested if Godfrey has lapped me :) We seem to listen to similar podcasts.

    I get the impression that Domasio is using "feelings" like Lisa Feldman Barrett is using the word "emotions."

  • About half way through, will listen in commute home.

    I'm beginning to think the biological "homeostasis" is the (or is akin to the) Epicurean "health of the body and serenity of the mind."

    Thoughts, Godfrey ?

  • That's what it seems like to me. And the feelings as he describes them seem to me to be pretty much what Epicurus described as feelings: guides to choices and avoidances.

    It's also interesting how he makes a clear distinction between sensations and feelings. As I understand it he says feelings are critical for consciousness while sensations are not. So I wonder if he might say that death is nothing to us because when we're dead we have no feelings?

    This was a very good advertisement for his book! :D I think I'll read it at some point to dig in to his ideas a bit more.

  • Don you mentioned Barrett's use of emotions.... I'm thinking that what he's calling feelings are more like what she calls affect...?

    Also at one point in passing he listed desire along with some other things as emotions. If he meant that specifically then I'm curious as to the neurochemical relationship between desire and pleasure. And of course his categorization would challenge what I see as Epicurus' separation of desires and pleasure :/