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  • EricR
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    Thanks for visiting my profile. I am not an expert on Epicurean Philosophy (EP), but an explorer with questions. So many of the ideas I've read here are congruent with my own thinking that it made sense to join here and learn more. Please feel free to send a friend request.

  • Christos_Yapijakis
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    Everything is ready for the 8th Panhellenic Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy,

    Hopefully, my good friend, you will be able to watch the event live!

    This year, one of the major sessions will be:

    Epicurean psychotherapy with frank criticism

    Philodemus “On anger”

    Lack of freedom of the dependent person and the epicurean liberation of his mind

    Control of stress and Epicurean philosophy

    I will cover the first topic and the last topic will be covered by internationally reknown Prof. George Chrousos (, who has discovered most of the neurobiological mechanisms of stress.

    The session and the Symposium was publicised by Greek media in health news (!):

    Please feel free to send this message to our Epicurean friends all over the world.

    Hopefully, in the future we will meet in an International Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy...

    Friendship dances around the globe! Be prudent and live happily!

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  • Cassius
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    Someone has changed their user name! :-)

  • Cassius
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    Thank you Elli for responding to Nal on the birthday calculation, and for everything else you do! This is a good use for the Timeline!

  • Cassius
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    Welcome Robert Muller! We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will enjoy the site.