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  • Titus Lucretius Carus - Lucretius (c. 99 BC-55 BC) was the author of "On the Nature of Things," the only surviving relatively complete presentation of Epicurean philosophy left to us from the ancient world. This image is the only reliable representation of Lucretius' appearance.
  • Frances Wright - Frances Wright (1785 - 1852) was the author of "A Few Days In Athens," a fictional work dedicated to explaining basic aspects of Epicurean Philosophy.
  • Hermarchus - Hermarchus ( c. 325 BC - 250 BC) was a follower of Epicurus and successor to Epicurus as head of the Epicurean School.
  • Epicurus - Epicurus (c. 341 BC - 270 BC) was founder of the Epicurean School of philosophy.
  • Metrodorus - Metrodorus ( 331 BC - 278 BC) was one of the initial followers of Epicurus, and is considered, along with Epicurus and Hermarchus, one of the three key founders of the Epicurean School of philosophy.
  • Plotina - Pompeia Plotina (c. 60 AD - 122 AD) was the wife of the Emperor Trajan and was noted for her intervention with Trajan's successor, Emperor Hadrian, on behalf of the Epicurean School.
  • Thomas Jefferson - Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826) was the third president of the United States who declared in a private letter to a friend that "I too am an Epicurean," and that "I consider the genuine (not the imputed) doctrines of Epicurus as containing everything rational in moral philosophy which Greece and Rome have left us."