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 +PERSONS OF THE DIALOGUE: Callicles, Socrates, Chaerephon, Gorgias, Polus.
 +SCENE: The house of Callicles.
 +CALLICLES: The wise man, as the proverb says, is late for a fray, but not for a feast.
 +SOCRATES: And are we late for a feast?
 +CALLICLES: Yes, and a delightful feast; for Gorgias has just been exhibiting to us many fine things.
 +SOCRATES: It is not my fault, Callicles; our friend Chaerephon is to blame; for he would keep us loitering in the Agora.
 +CHAEREPHON: Never mind, Socrates; the misfortune of which I have been the cause I will also repair; for Gorgias is a friend of mine, and I will make him give the exhibition again either now, or, if you prefer, at some other time.
 +CALLICLES: What is the matter, Chaerephon — does Socrates want to hear Gorgias?
 +CHAEREPHON: Yes, that was our intention in coming.
 +CALLICLES: Come into my house, then; for Gorgias is staying with me, and he shall exhibit to you.
 +SOCRATES: Very good, Callicles; but will he answer our questions? for I want to hear from him what is the nature of his art, and what it is which he professes and teaches; he may, as you (Chaerephon) suggest, defer the exhibition to some other time.
 +CALLICLES: There is nothing like asking him, Socrates; and indeed to answer questions is a part of his exhibition, for he was saying only just now, that any one in my house might put any question to him, and that he would answer.
 +SOCRATES: How fortunate! will you ask him, Chaerephon —?
 +CHAEREPHON: What shall I ask him?
 +SOCRATES: Ask him who he is.
 +CHAEREPHON: What do you mean?
 +SOCRATES: I mean such a question as would elicit from him, if he had been a maker of shoes, the answer that he is a cobbler. Do you understand?
 +CHAEREPHON: I understand, and will ask him: Tell me, Gorgias, is our friend Callicles right in saying that you undertake to answer any questions which you are asked?
 +GORGIAS: Quite right, Chaerephon: I was saying as much only just now; and I may add, that many years have elapsed since any one has asked me a new one.
 +CHAEREPHON: Then you must be very ready, Gorgias.
 +GORGIAS: Of that, Chaerephon, you can make trial.
 +POLUS: Yes, indeed, and if you like, Chaerephon, you may make trial of me too, for I think that Gorgias, who has been talking a long time, is tired.
 +CHAEREPHON: And do you, Polus, think that you can answer better than Gorgias?
 +POLUS: What does that matter if I answer well enough for you?
 +CHAEREPHON: Not at all:— and you shall answer if you like.
 +POLUS: Ask:—
 +CHAEREPHON: My question is this: If Gorgias had the skill of his brother Herodicus, what ought we to call him? Ought he not to have the name which is given to his brother?
 +POLUS: Certainly.
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