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  • Welcome stpeter ! There is one last step to complete your registration: All new registrants must post a response to this message here in this welcome thread (we do this in order to minimize spam registrations). You must post your response within 72 hours, or your account will be subject to deletion. All that is required is a "Hello!" but of course we hope you will introduce yourself -- tell us a little about yourself and what prompted your interest in Epicureanism -- and/or post a question. This…
  • Gosh this seems otherworldly! Welcome ST. PETER! But all of us here know him as the owner of one of the best set of translations of Epicurus on the internet!
  • I see the smiley face and I would expect nothing less than a book on Aristotle from someone who has written so eloquently about Howard Roark!
  • And our participants here who would like to know more about st peter could do a lot worse than look here, which is the site I myself came across many years ago: