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  • I think this is an important topic. Epicurus valued autonomy and self-sufficiency. It seems to me that having money will provide neither when something really goes wrong with the country/currency.
  • Hunger is the best spice "cibi condimentum esse famem" as Cicero, in one of his Epicurus roasts (De Finibus II.xxviii) attributes to Socrates. So the idea/statement would have been common/passé in Epicurus' time. The idea seems to be expressed in many cultures at many times in history.
  • (Quote from HsiehKW) This would be a real outlier! Epicurus said we should follow the mores of the land. What communities exist in the US? Judaism, lording land and labor, is rather closed off to newcomers. Christianity is very slavish as a religion, but many "Christians" are actually free minded folks that would be good Epicureans -- particularly if they had experienced less school/propaganda. The government/FBI is very sensitive about people being invited to live for free on a communal propert…