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  • This is a link to Eusebius's Preparation for the Gospel, Book XIV, which has extensive commentary on Epicurus and his school. I recommend doing a "Find in page" search for epicur find all the mentions of Epicurus and Epicurean(s).
  • Just going through chapter XXI here and this caught my eye: (Quote from Aristocles via Eusebius) Aristocles is writing in the 1st c CE; Eusebius is quoting him in the late 3rd/early 4th c CE. I know I just recently did a timeline, but it never ceases to amaze me (and serve as a reality check) that Epicurus's philosophy was still seen as enough of a threat to the Christians in the early 300s CE that he needed to be refuted. Epicurus die…
  • Chapter XXVI LOL.. (Quote) Okay, that is *not* why I have a beard. Also...Evidently, Eusebius not think much of human biology's role in human reproduction and development. egads... God did it!
  • (Quote from Cassius) Good questions. Maybe a look at the original text. I haven't seen that yet. If I dig it up, I'll explore.