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  • “Chapter 4.— Of God and His Affections, and the Censure of Epicurus. That which follows is concerning the school of Epicurus; that as there is no anger in God, so indeed there is no kindness. For when Epicurus thought that it was inconsistent with God to injure and to inflict harm, which for the most part arises from the affection of anger, he took away from Him beneficence also, since he saw that it followed that if God has anger, He must also have kindness. Therefore, lest he should concede to…
  • I’m scanning through the Ante-Nicene Fathers to see where Epicurus is mentioned. Lactantius has the longest detailed attack. But a quick survey of some of the others yields some minor attacks scattered throughout.
  • I did! I had my surgery on Wednesday. So I now have all sorts of time to explore the forum here.
  • So basically it is a tendon repair. I had a running accident back in 2016 that caused me to have some nerve damage. Because the nerve never came back online it caused a tendon to cease functioning. So I waited a couple of years to see if it would and it didn’t. So basically it is a rerouting if existing tendons in my ankle and foot. I had 2 nerve blocks that wore off the night after surgery and now I know what a bear trap feels like!