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  • One of my favorite passages from Epicurus comes at the end of Book 28 of On Nature: (Quote) To me, it demonstrates: - the use of frank criticism in the Garden by correcting errors "among us" - Epicurus's sense of humor in using words that convey "prattling on" - the use of lectures in the Garden - the encouragement of memorizing texts - the use of back and forth conversation to instruct, ie what I and Metrodorus here have just said This little section packs a lot in.
  • Link to make it easier to find Sedley's translation
  • The verb form of this word is what Epicurus uses to describe himself: ἀδο-λέσχης, ου, ὁ, (adoleskhēs) prater, idle talker, esp. of reputed sophists: Σωκράτην, τὸν πτωχὸν ἀ. Eup. 352, cf. Ar. Nu. 1485; ἢ Πρόδικος ἢ τῶν ἀ. εἷς γέ τις Id. Fr. 490; ἀ. τις σοφιστής Pl. Plt. 299b, cf. Tht. 195b, R. 488e: generally, talker, babbler, Thphr. Char. 3.2, Arist. EN 1117b35, etc.