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  • Here is a link to Gassendi's work as posted at Direct link to the PDF at…phyVol3EpicurusByGassendi Link to a transcription of this edition here at Epicureanfriends: Gassendi's Life of Epicurus (Thomas Stanley) - Partial Transcription
  • Yes it took me a long while til I located that Stanley edition in a university library microfilm (I think it was) The text is hard to read for numerous reasons, not the least of which was the archaic spellings, / word forms which we decided not to update. I feel sure we have lots of errors from the PDF but the transcription at least makes sections easier to find.
  • Scanning over this again you have to hand it to Gassendi for what seems like bringing together every surviving source (by no means just Laertius) in compiling the work. Lots of references to the Suidas which we rarely hear spoken of, but which seems to contain a lot, and that would be another source that would be good to investigate further.