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  • From this address GIORDANO BRUNO On the Infinite Universe and Worlds To the Most Illustrious Monsieur de Mauvissi�re Printed in Venice in the year 1584 INTRODUCTORY EPISTLE addressed to the most illustrious Monsieur Michel de Castelnau, Seigneur de Mauvissi�re, de Concressault and de Joinville, Chevalier of the Order of the most Christian King, Privy Councillor, Captain of 50 men at arms, and Ambassador to Her most Serene Majesty the Queen of England. IF, O most illustrious Knight, I had driven …
  • I like the way he outlines his arguments with numbers! But on first glance, what is this "Dialogues" reference? Is he simply referring from one part of the essay to another, or is he referencing something outside this document? This leaves no doubt as to his familiarity and agreement with Epicurus on some core issues.
  • Now I have had a chance to scan the whole thing. Lots of detailed arguments about the infinite universe. It seems he is referencing something else and this is a sort of summary, but the opening and the ending contain a lot of inflammatory material -- he is certainly outspoken. I haven't read far enough yet to see what his views were about the soul and Jesus and so forth but I presume he must have retained some degree of conventionality in those areas (?)