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  • Hi All, I was only able to participate in one Zoom call here. It was held on a Saturday, and I was available that particular day. For me, and I suspect for others, evenings are not feasible. So I was wondering what you think about recording your session and sharing them here. Of course, privacy issues must be handled and the recording should only be available to members here. Thoughts?
  • I completely understand. It was merely a thought for those whose schedules are incompatible. Also, the ability to review a conversation for its participants can be valuable. For me, evenings are out of the question. Some weekends are occasionally possible, but it will always be occasional. Thanks for considering the idea.
  • I believe the UK is 5 hours ahead at the moment. Germany is 6 hours. Of course, daylight savings time is up in the air at the moment, so those times may change by an hour longer. My schedule changes constantly, especially in the summer. The winter is much better for consistency. I know that is not very helpful, but it's all I can suggest at the moment. I will think on it.