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  • This is a great find. I'll work on the Greek eventually unless someone else wants to! Up for grabs. I ran the first Latin part through Google Translate: Dis Cerellia Fortunata, my dearest wife, with whom I have lived 40 years without any complaint, Marcus Antonius Encolpus made for himself and Antonius Athenaeus his dearest freedman and their freedmen and liberties and their posterity except ∙ Marcus Antonius Athenianus, whom I forbid to have access to that monument nor the path around the entra…
  • Could it be for Dis (the name of Pluto?)?
  • (Quote from Cassius) Oh, Greek culture and language were ubiquitous in the Mediterranean. "Magna Graecia" is Greater Greece
  • (Quote from Joshua) That's a great find, Joshua! Well done! I had just begun to translate the Greek, and, yep, That's a good fluid translation there! I'm going to paste their translation here because it's too good for people to miss if they don't click the link: Do not pass by my epitaph, dear passer-by. Stop. Read and learn, and when you understand, go on: There is no Charon waiting on a boat in Hades. No judge named Aeacus, no dog called Cerberus. All of us who've gone dead down here are now n…
  • I like the poetic aspect of the one Joshua found. But I really like the more literal translation that Bryan offered above! Once again, translation is hard