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  • YAAAS! Another Tolkien fan!
  • You remembered perfectly, Eugenious! May I add: Or ilyë lëor nort' Anar ar Eleni tennoio marir; Úvan equë Aure ná carna, var mer' Eleni namárië. Above all shadows rides the Sun and Stars forever dwell; I will not say the Day is done, nor bid the Stars farewell.” (I have the Sindarin translation of this poem tattooed on my chest:) Or 'waith bain nôr Anor a Giliath an-ui dorthar; Ú-bedithon iGalan garnen, egor aníro iñGîl no-vaer.
  • Tolkien's Catholicism always interested me! He provided an interesting translation of the Lord's Prayer in Quenya: Ae Adar nín i vi Menel no aer i eneth lín tolo i arnad lín caro den i innas lin bo Ceven sui vi Menel. Anno ammen sír I mbas ilaurui vín ar díheno ammen i úgerth vin sui mín i gohenam di ai gerir úgerth ammen. O [Father my] who in Heaven, Be holy [the name thy] Come [the kingdom thy] Do it [the will thy] On Earth as in Heaven Give to us today [the bread daily our] And [forgive] us […
  • Or is that Sindarin? (I think it's actually Sindarin). ANYWAY, it's been a while since I reviewed the grammar and syntax of Quenya.