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  • Tonight we are dividing time between: 1 - The Vatican Sayings: VS08. The wealth required by Nature is limited and is easy to procure; but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity. VS09. Necessity is an evil, but there is no necessity to live under the control of necessity. 2 - Our Special Topic Tonight I suggest we think about and discuss a continuing question: Is there anything in Epicurean philosophy that tells a particular person what particular pleasure to choose (or pain to av…
  • For those who may be interested in a comparison of Vedanta and Epicurus, here is a Facebook thread where the "CosmicDancer" podcast episode interviewing Tim Okeefe is being discussed;…y/posts/6285341624848078/ And here is a thread where Cristiano introduced his book:…y/posts/6161732663875642/…79G9beth7tOIXpXODiA&pli=1