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  • I found something! Well, something I didn't know about. From the Loeb Classical Library's Greek Anthology: (Quote)
  • Thank you for following up on that, Don; I was up far too late last night. I also found that British Museum article, and I found the illustrations very interesting. Elli wrote an article a few years back on what she believes was the misidentification of Epicurus in Raphael's School of Athens. I think at some point I'll write an article or make a video arguing the other side in that debate, looking at Diogenes Laertius, the Nuremburg Chronicle, and De Claris Mulieribus for clues.
  • I'd be curious to pursue it at any rate. But you're right, it won't be a priority. Maybe a video on the "state of play" would be the way to go about it. I didn't record last night by the way, so Tuesday will be the next opportunity.
  • Also, JSTOR is offering free access to up to 100 articles between now and the end of the year.