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  • It may be anonymous but I presume there must have been some context in which it was found, you think?
  • Great information thank you Don!
  • (Quote from JJElbert) you mean you think there are clues that the pudgy guy with the head wreath is Epicurus? Or was intended to be him? Don't bite off too many projects at one time but that is one I hope you'll be able to follow up on because if there are relevant source materials it would be interesting.
  • 1 - Yes I think Jstor has some level of free plan most of the time -- 5 articles at a time, or something like that (?) 2 - So just to be clear on your earlier comment, the issue you noticed is that there may be some evidence that the wreathed figure was intended to be Epicurus? I am thinking i am much more interested in hearing your poetry than seeing you get diverted on that, but if you could summarize in a sentence of two what you think may be there I would love to file that away in my mind to…
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