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  • Of the early Fathers, Lactantius has the most detailed attack on Epicurean philosophy. However Clement, Theophilus,Tertullian and Tatian also attack Epicurus on a smaller scale in their works. Philo of Alexandra, does not explicitly attack Epicurus other than to say that those who proclaim that there is no providence and those who worship the creation rather than the creator err in their doctrines. Plotinus mentions Epicurus only once during his attack on the Gnostics.
  • “Creation.II II. (7) For some men, admiring the world itself rather than the Creator of the world, have represented it as existing without any maker, and eternal; and as impiously as falsely have represented God as existing in a state of complete inactivity, while it would have been right on the other hand to marvel at the might of God as the creator and father of all, and to admire the world in a degree not exceeding the bounds of moderation.” Excerpt From The Works of Philo Judaeus Philo Judae…
  • Title: Epicurus and Epicurean Philosophy Referenced in the New Testament That could be the catch all title.
  • One main category is good! Just like you have it now. That way you can keep religion and philosophy under the same heading.