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  • Thank you for your kind encouragement! There are some very good recitations of Lucretius around, but I love it too much not to add more. I just found that Zoom lets me record like this, so I read the intro as a test/starter. This can be read in many different ways. I also made a few mistakes.
  • Great stuff all around guys! Don, I agree, Restored Classical pronunciation is the way to go, hearing "chaylee" for CAELI will always sound exotic to me! How much to emphasize the meter is far less clear to me. With the three first recitations we have above, I can sympathize with Cassius' concern that there is a tendency for people reciting Latin poetry to be somewhat slavish in their relationship with the meter. Ranieri is more "natural / conversational" sounding but still seems to me to be mor…
  • Yes I agree TauPhi, Hans Ørberg's PER SE ILLVSTRATA series is very helpful and also extremely fun. I love that his commitment to making everything in Latin extended to the copyright page. It always perplexed me how so many texts intended for new readers.... do not mark the long vowels! If I had started with Ørberg and not Wheelock, I would have saved so much time that I spent looking constantly at a dictionary just to see the vowel length.