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  • Hello Cassius and thank you for welcoming me to the community. I found the forum originally by searching online and also secondarily through and Hiram Crespo. I am a graduate of the Great Books curriculum of Thomas Aquinas College in California which I attended after earning a completely unrelated degree at the U. Of Missouri, Columbia back in 1992. I was an atheist until studying philosophy and have considered myself a theist for the last 25 years. I am a long time…
  • Thank you for the suggestions Cassius. I will acquire and read Norman Dewitt's "Epicurus and His Philosophy" and I have already downloaded Gosling and Taylor’s “The Greeks on Pleasure” to begin reading today. I much appreciate your assistance and friendly welcome from you and Martin.
  • Cassius and Martin, I am a neophyte with use of a forum and may have already committed a faux pas by posting a question to Cassius on his timeline. Please feel free to correct me on proper use of the forum and I will spend some time looking for guidelines in the forum section to become a competent user.
  • I have read the first chapter of Dewitt’s book and have the complete copy on order. I am enjoying it very much and appreciate your guidance. I found it interesting (and reassuring) that Dewitt saw overlap between The Nicomachean Ethics and Epicurean teachings. I have studied Aristotle a good amount and think he got many thing correct even if he overstated the role of politics and underemphasized the importance of pleasure and tranquility.
  • Still signed in...but now as Lee. Thanks Cassius!