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  • This is the School of Athens fiasco all over again. The mosaic: Appears to portray six Greek philosophers in various attitudes of respose, gathered around a central figure leaning against a tree, and thought to be Plato. As is frequently the case, no one can know for sure who the artist intended to portray. I have seen the second man from the right identified as Epicurus, though this is not the common assessment. In favor the Epicurus argument is this statue: In both statue and mosaic, the subje…
  • Also notice the paw footed legs of both the chair, and the curved bench in the mosaic.
  • The headband/circlet/diadem/crown/whatever it is, is something I do see in ancient art but not with any clear connection. Wikipedia suggests it was festival attire, and also used by royalty and athletes. Not sure what the connection is here.