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  • Welcome reneliza ! Please Note: In order to minimize spam registrations, all new registrants must respond in this thread to this welcome message within 72 hours of its posting, or their accounts will be deleted. All that is required is a "Hello!" but of course we hope you will introduce yourselves further and join one or more of our conversations. This is the place for students of Epicurus to coordinate their studies and work together to promote the philosophy of Epicurus. Please remember that a…
  • Welcome ReneLiza and thank you for that introduction! We have some very friendly and helpful people here who will be glad to answer anything you ask. And don't hesitate to ask anything no matter how basic you may think it might be. There's no better way for those of us who have been around for a while to test our own knowledge than to have an opportunity to explain things to someone new. So let us know however we can be of help.