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  • Just to avoid any confusion or fear that this will amount to a "Cassius lecture session" --- We need to talk about this but I think we expect to welcome other long-time regulars on the forum to participate and contribute as well. At the very least as Kalosyni says one of the two of us will be present to host the session, but we've yet to formulate exactly the format so other long-time regulars are encouraged to be part of the welcome team. "Open to all level one members" means primarily that the…
  • Oh gosh - four years ago - no telling what I said back then but if you think it's helpful then maybe so. I'm much more fond of this presentation, which may also come through a "Cassius" filter, but which is more insulated from error by sticking more strictly with the texts:
  • (Quote from Kalosyni) Ha probably I would define it differently every time I think about it But surely the consciousness of the predominance of pleasure over pain, and not just in length of time, must be a major part of it.