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  • (Quote from waterholic) That situaltion is very interesting (and I would wonder perhaps people were not very close friends). And doesn't sound very fun. Here in the US when I lived in Oregon, I was part of a Buddhist Zen group. It was through knowing people there that I found a studio apartment (converted garage in a house). And a few other things with which I got help, just by mentioning my problem, people gave good suggestions. So being part of a religious community has a benefit, founded on m…
  • (Quote from ThinkingCat) We have some Zoom events for both Level 1 and Level 3 members -- which is a great way to meet people and discuss Epicurean philosophy -- and it is one step closer to "real life friends". The book review group is open to all forum members, and you are welcome to drop in even if you haven't read the book. Click here for more info.