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  • Cassius and I will host this New Member Zoom Meeting for anyone who is a Level 1. We want to provide more opportunties for learning and meeting others of like-mind. Even if you have been on the forum for a time, you are still welcome to join. This is for all Level 1 members because it will be at a more basic level of understanding than what a Level 3 member would be at. If we get enough interest, then we will have a first meeting in January. So please post your interest here in this thread. If …
  • Also, it came to me that we could have people listen to a recording beforehand -- something very introductory, and then discuss it. So maybe no short presentation during the Zoom will be needed. Possibly this one: "A Five-Pointed Star"
  • I think both of these are good introductory videos, which each have their own flavor. And I favor the "Five-pointed Star" as a very good overview, possibly good for putting into the Epicurus College. Interesting qoutes: "Happiness is best thought of here as the consciousness of pleasure predominating over pain" -- and -- "Pleasure over time which is what we come to conclude is the best definition of happiness". Would you define happiness differently now?