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  • Hello and welcome to the forum AdamSandvoid ! Very creative user name! This is the place for students of Epicurus to coordinate their studies and work together to promote the philosophy of Epicurus. Please remember that all posting here is subject to our Community Standards / Rules of the Forum our Not Neo-Epicurean, But Epicurean and our Posting Policy statements and associated posts. Please understand that the leaders of this forum are well aware that many fans of Epicurus may have sincerely-h…
  • Good to hear from you Adamsandvoid. And oh no, it's good for you to paste that link. I've looked at it and it is a very impressive start for what you have in mind. Have you already issued past issues of a newsletter? If so, and if you're ok with it, it would be great for you to post links to those here, and then also people can subscribe to get new ones. Hope you'll ask for feedback here, contribute, or let us know in any way we can help with what you're doing.
  • I agree with Martin's comment as bring accurate, yet I certainly see how the swerve is tempting "allegorically" to be employed the way we are discussing. I can easily see doing both - using it allegorically but also quickly explaining that as with much of Epicurean philosophy first impressions are not what they seem to be. Maybe the intersection is observing how Lucretius does not attempt to explain a mechanism and simply observes that this "must" exist in order to break the iron grip of destiny…
  • AdamSandVoid, we can post a link to your website over at the facebook and possibly some other locations too if you like. I doubt it will flood you with visitors but I'm not sure - are you still working on it and would prefer to wait before we post about it?
  • At some point we might want to start a separate thread for the EpicSwerve website, but for now I will just add here what I just posted on Facebook: And the blog:…n-website-epicswerve-com/ Reddit:…an_website_epicswervecom/ Twitter: I wonder if I am missing other obvious places that we could post material like this (?)
  • Duh if i were halfway in tune with modern culture, or just not so lazy, I would have picked that up. I knew it was a reference to someone, but I wasn't quite sure who it was or whether it would be a "good" association or not, so I took the easy way out