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  • I like this better than the Tetrapharmakos "symbol" I've seen online that mashes the tau Τ and phi Φ of that word.
  • (Quote from Cassius) That's a beautiful piece of artwork and maybe "represents" the philosophy but it is completely impractical as a symbol or logo. We need something more in line with the Nike swoosh, Christian cross, Islamic crescent, Atheist A, Apple apple, ... You get the idea. Something bold, graphic, and that you could hang from a necklace.
  • To repeat and expand on michelepinto 's and others' proposals: The four sides = The four lines of the Tetrapharmakos The dot = the atom (or whatever basic building block of matter you want in modern terms)The space around the dot represents the void. The points at the top (a triangle pointing up) and bottom (a triangle pointing down) of the diamond shape represent pain and pleasure.Additionally, the points represent the choices we make based on pain and pleasure. Which way will we decide to go?…