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  • (Quote from EricR) I would add that "egoistic gratification" cannot come to the fullness of joy and will not be completely pleasurable unless we join together with others in friendship and savoring of life -- we would then come to let go of a hyper self-focused individualism, and would learn that the mutual consideration of others within a community leads to the greatest ease and enjoyment in life -- and come to see that other's needs are equally important as our own -- the greatest pleasure ari…
  • Thank you EricR, your last thread helps clarify "egoist" and "egoism" -- as being the way of being which comes out of the internal subjective feeling of a given person. (Quote from EricR) Okay, that is good to know, and reminds me that everyone has individual preferences and experiences, and so I need to be more careful before I assume a given level of social involvement as being best for everyone.