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  • Michel Onfray is The only Epicurean that I know to have delved into aesthetics in a significant way (outside of the book “The Sculpted Word” which deals with Epicurean missionary work using sculptures and art to promote our values). If you search for “sculpted word” on this forum you will find my notes on it. His main work in English is hedonist manifesto and Here he advises an aesthetics education to train ourselves to better relish chosen pleasures: https://theautarkist.wordpress…v-an-aestheti…
  • Concerning aromas he mentions the anecdote of Aristippus wearing perfume at the agora. He turns it into an educational parable.…er-history-of-philosophy/
  • Relevant to this: How virtue morphs into beauty in the eye of the beholder –…n-the-eye-of-the-beholder I’ve heard the observation more than once that when people are mad or angry they look ugly. This is used in children’s classes at Buddhist temples to encourage happy interactions. But there are studies that link cheerfulness (and confidence) with being more attractive. So beauty is not entirely about shape and appearance.