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  • I'm thinking maybe (at least) a Google map of relevant locations, color coded by century or other criteria?
  • (Quote from Joshua) Yay! A translation exercise! Wheee! Νice work on the transliteration, Joshua . I should be able to puzzle through this unless someone with more fluent knowledge of ancient Greek comes along. I'll make this a priority tonight. Let me see if I can add anything with yours as a jumping off point: XVI. On the things belonging to the philosophy of Epicurus On Epicurus' Eudaimonia and the Happiness of Life (Trivia: That 2nd to last word is makariou - the word used in the first PD1) …
  • I neglected to look at the vocabulary you provided, Joshua . I was making it harder than it needed to be! I'll try and provide a more thorough translation tonight (unless Elli stops by here )
  • (Quote from Joshua) Let's try these. I'll admit, I'm intrigued... And I'm sure they're all lost to history : Those things pertaining to the philosophy of Epicurus On Eudaimonia and a Blessed Life According to Epicurus two: On Diminished Pleasure According to Epicurus: That which produces pleasure defectively according to Epicurus one: On the Pleasure of Choice: If the Inquiry into Natural Causes (is) Useful in Regard to Moral Philosophy one: On the Nine Books of Metrodorus's Against the Sophists…
  • (Quote from Don) Note that Diogenes Laertius mentions "Against the Sophists, in nine books" too. That vocabulary list got εννέα wrong. It's 9 not 7. Seven is ἑπτά (hepta).
  • And I double-checked. ΑΙΡΕΣΕΩΣ is the "genitive singular form of αἵρεσῐς" so "of choice" Yeah, the fact that it goes from meaning "choice" to "heresy" is so sad.