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  • Two thumbs up! It pleased me greatly to hear the repeated statements that in order to fully understand the philosophy you need to understand the nature of the universe. Joshua your pleasure engine idea sounds like a fruitful one to pursue! As I recall, Gosling and Taylor came to a similar idea in The Greeks on Pleasure, although it wasn't nearly as concise and illustrative as your framing of it. Excellent work, as always!
  • (Quote) It's been quite a while since I read TGOP; this is the closest thing I can find in my notes (TGOP is one of those rare books in which I actually took notes; I can't recall if this is a quote or a paraphrase). But, to me, this reinforces the idea that understanding the physics, the canonic, the worldview, becomes something of a pleasure engine. Having ataraxia in the quote is interesting: is it too "out there" to describe ataraxia as a pleasure engine? That never even occurred to me until…