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  • This is one of the surviving "double-herm" statues showing Metrodorus. A 1st century Roman copy, I think. This inscription (the left one) says Ἕρμαρχoς -- (Hermarxos, Hermarchus.) This appears to be the bust that the left sketch was taken of. Some websites record this as Metrodorus, but again the inscription makes it clear. This is Hermarchus. I'll see what I can find about the righthand sketch.
  • The other possibility is that a bust was found without its plinth, and it was affixed to a different one. There is a renaissance statue of Poggio Bracciolini that was found in a collection of statues portraying the Last Supper. The scholarship on this sort of thing wasn't particularly scrupulous for a long time.
  • Right hand sketch. Another sketch...still looking.
  • RE: Getting Started - Initial Thoughts on 3D Printing We discuss the same problem in that thread. (Quote) (Quote) That seems to me the best explanation. The floor-plan of these ancient villas was so thoroughly different to the way we do things now where everything gets shoved against wall. Their walls had frescoes, not televisions. Furniture and objects would be arranged in the center of the room. The perimeter of the room was for walking--a place where slaves would be on hand and free to move a…