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  • I admit even after years of study I still get confused when comparing the busts of Metrodorus and Hermarchus. For example I thought this is Metrodorus: But I am not 100% sure of that, and I don't have good side by side and authoritatively labeled PHOTOS of the existing busts from Herculaneum. Can anyone help with that? In this compilation of the ETCHINGS, the faces look pretty distinguishable: But when I compare these to that photo (above) it's not at all easy for me to say which is which. Is th…
  • Thank you Joshua! I would really like to nail this down once and for all. I guess I am half blind but the sketches don't seem to matxh the originals in their cases nearly as well as that od Epicurus does. No possible confusion there...
  • Joshua - Kalosyni has drafted a possible header for the 20th gathering. Do you think we know for sure that this double-head has Metrodorus on the reverse rather than Hermarchus? I think you've talked about that one before - would you know of a reliable museum page site?
  • Excellent site - thanks! I see also: And I see there are many downloadable 3d printable scans of this sculpture. I wish I understood how this was displayed. Anyone have thoughts on that? In the middle of a room so you could walk around all sides? Is the hope simply for transporting it somehow, or was this a mounting to something underneath?
  • What about the hole in the sides?
  • So do we think that the heads were affixed to full bodies either seated or standing? Having the heads mounted on a column-like structure in th middle of a room is one thing but two full figures either sitting or standing would seem possibly a different matter