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  • Welcome waterholic ! Note: In order to minimize spam registrations, all new registrants must respond in this thread to this welcome message within 72 hours of its posting, or their account is subject to deletion. All that is required is a "Hello!" but of course we hope you will introduce yourself further and join one or more of our conversations. This is the place for students of Epicurus to coordinate their studies and work together to promote the philosophy of Epicurus. Please remember that al…
  • Yes this is the right forum Waterholic but I did move you into a thread of your own just like we greet all other registrants. This welcome point should be first in the thread rather than second, but that's one of those frustrations of the modern world -- we do the best we can and the software doesn't allow rearranging the posting times Thanks for dropping by and we look forward to hearing more from you!
  • No apologies at all needed! I was very glad to see you took the initiative to post first. Usually I find many people hold back until we specifically tag them in a welcome post before they comment, so your post showed very welcome initiative! I think I speak for most here in saying that there is nothing to basic or too complicated in the philosophy of Epicurus that we don't find interesting to discuss, so please do not hesitate on whatever topics are of interest to you