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  • Interesting. I had not heard the term "methodological naturalism."
  • (Quote from Joshua) Sorry if I missed that! It seems to me, too, to possibly be applicable to Epicurus's outlook. I guess that's the question. Was Epicurus asserting that there was nothing supernatural? Or, was he asserting that nothing supernatural would have any impact on our universe so it would be irrelevant to our lives and our happiness? Functionally, those two could work similarly or identically, but they are two different things.
  • (Quote from Joshua) You are absolutely correct, Joshua . Thanks! Very good points to remember. (Quote from Joshua) I would concur as well. I think that is an excellent way to phrase it. And so I would agree with Cassius above as well in saying Epicurus did positively assert that there was nothing supernatural. As Cassius mentioned in the most recent podcast (Nicely done on the 12 Fundamentals btw), the Epicureans could be lauded for their ALWAYS looking for a material/physical explanation even w…